Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Baton Rouge

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, understanding your legal options is essential. After being involved in a motorbike accident, the odds of suffering severe injuries are unfortunately high. As a motorcycle, you are incredibly vulnerable during a crash, and even protective gear cannot protect you from many injuries. Recovering from your injuries can be expensive, leaving you uncertain about handling unforeseen expenses and life changes. 

You should not be expected to handle this situation uncompensated. Especially when you were not at fault for the motorcycle accident. However, receiving the financial compensation you need from the at-fault party is not a simple process. At Murray & Murray, L.L.C, our motorcycle accident attorneys are here to fight for you and help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. While we fight for your best interest, you can focus on your recovery.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding your motorcycle can be an enjoyable time, but is also dangerous. Most motorcycle collisions are caused by someone else’s negligence, changing your life in the blink of an eye. Sadly, the likelihood of sustaining injuries in motorcycle accidents is exceptionally high: 98 percent for multiple vehicle accidents and 96 percent for single-vehicle accidents. 

Among the most common causes of Baton Rouge motorcycle accidents are:

  • Driver negligence: failure to yield, failure to see the motorcycle
  • Poor road conditions
  • Extreme weather
  • Driving under the influence
  • Dense traffic
  • Violation of the motorcyclist’s right of way
  • Lack of signaling
  • Speeding drivers

The safest way to share the road is to avoid blind spots, use signals, wear colorful clothing, and be a defensive driver. If you believe the driver who caused the motorcycle accident failed to take reasonable care in operating the car, it is imperative to act immediately and make your motorcycle accident claim. Please be aware that under Louisiana’s statutes of limitations, you have only one year from the date of the motorbike accident to file your personal injury claim. 

Because Louisiana laws regarding motorcycle crashes may be challenging to interpret, you need a dedicated and compassionate personal injury attorney on your side. When you are injured in a motorcycle wreck, the motorcycle accident lawyers of Murray & Murray, L.L.C. are available to assist and guide you in recovering the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Louisiana Motorcycle Helmet Law

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, wearing a helmet can prevent brain damage up to 67 percent of the time in motorcycle collisions. In Louisiana, the law requires that regardless of the road, all motorcyclists must wear protective helmets and eyewear when on a motor-driven bicycle, motorcycle, or motorized bicycle. The protective headgear must include a working chin strap, visor, interior lining, and padding. Failure to comply with this law results in fines of up to $50. Also, regardless of your passengers position on the motorcycle, a helmet is mandatory. 

There are a few exceptions to the rule, including:

  • If your motorcycle contains supportive features that offer safety matching or greater than that provided by a roll cage or helmet. 
  • If you are riding your motorbike in a parade or public event, you might be able to get an exemption permit from the local police department. Yet, the permit is available only during the event. You will still need to wear your helmet when riding home afterward. 

Determining Fault in Your Baton Rouge Motorcycle Accident

Evidence is a critical element of your motorcycle accident in Baton Rouge. You must prove the other party involved in the motorcycle crash is responsible for your injuries. Because these accidents can be very emotional for the victims, investigating what led to the fatal motorcycle crash is not easy. 

When you reach our motorcycle accident attorneys, they will perform a list of activities to gather evidence and build a solid case. These include:

  • Visit the motorcycle accident scene 
  • Obtain photos and videos of the motorcycle accident scene, roads, signs
  • Get photos and other evidence of the actual crash
  • Collect witness statements, crash reports, and police reports
  • Gather medical reports
  • Keep records of your damages
  • Find expert witnesses to testify about your motorcycle crash. 

It is best if you determined the other party was behaving recklessly to pursue compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries and damages. Legal representation from the Baton Rouge motorcycle accident attorneys at Murray & Murray, L.L.C. can make a difference in your motorcycle accident claim. 

If you are pursuing a wrongful death claim because a loved one was killed, you could be entitled to seek compensation for pain and suffering, funeral and burial costs, medical expenses left to your family, and wages or benefits provided previously by the deceased. Our legal team can help you and your family explore legal options to secure maximum compensation.

Motorcycle Accident

Why Should You Seek Help From a Fatal Motorcycle Accident Baton Rouge Lawyer

At Murray & Murray, L.L.C., our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys understand recovering from a motorcycle accident is neither simple nor inexpensive. The key to building a solid motorcycle accident claim is to have legal representation on your side. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can assist you with assessing what your personal injury claim is worth. Regardless of the injuries and property damages you have experienced, our legal team will know what to search for when uncovering your losses.

In addition, our personal injury attorneys will pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. These include medical bills, lost income, property damage, diminished quality of life, permanent disfigurement, emotional distress, or pain and suffering. After sustaining injuries in a motorbike accident, it is vital to not allow the insurance company to convince you your motorcycle accident claim is worth less than its true value. Here at Murray & Murray, L.L.C., we understand insurance companies may try to undervalue your claim, but we will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. 

We put our time, resources, and skills into documenting your injuries and their long-term effects, ensuring your damages are fully documented. By doing so, we determine your claim’s total worth.This guarantees the compensation can cover your medical expenses, current or future lost wages, or other injury-related costs.

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If you have lost a family member in a fatal motorcycle crash due to another party’s negligence, talk to our Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys as soon as possible. Our injury lawyers aim to provide you with efficient legal services to ensure a fair settlement, so you can focus on returning back to your normal life. Please schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable Baton Rouge motorcycle attorneys to learn what your injury or wrongful death claim is worth, and what legal options you have. To get started, call us at (225) 925 1110.