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Surgeons have a tremendous responsibility to you when you are undergoing a medical procedure. They must conduct the surgery correctly, and understand previous tests and what the nurses must do throughout the surgery to ensure everything is done correctly. Before going through an operation, you should not need to be fearful of a surgeon’s or nurse’s negligent actions. Unfortunately however, preventable errors during operations can cause you considerable harm. 

Much like any other medical malpractice claim, proving your health care provider’s negligence in the case of a surgical error is challenging. At Murray & Murray, L.L.C., our personal injury attorneys have represented many families and individuals impacted by medical malpractice and surgical mistakes. Please contact a personal injury attorney at Murray & Murray, L.L.C. immediately to discuss your options and help you file your medical malpractice claims.

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Pursuing Compensation in a Medical Malpractice Case

People are often unaware they have been the victims of medical practice. Recent statistics have proven that hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured or killed yearly due to preventable medical errors. 

If you believe you, a friend, or a family member have been injured due to a surgeon’s mistake, please call us immediately for a free consultation. Our medical malpractice lawyers will travel to you if your injuries are too severe for travel. If a surgeon or other medical professional has made an error that caused new pain and suffering, such as the following, it is vital to receive legal assistance immediately:

  • Causing an infection due to the operating room’s unsanitary conditions
  • Administering the wrong dosage of anesthesia
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside of you
  • Operating on other parts of your body
  • Burning you with a Bovie or other electrical equipment

We understand mistakes happen and that not every surgical injury results from negligent actions. Surgical errors are not always immediately apparent, and even if they are, you may not relate them to surgeon errors. Either way, it is necessary to hold surgeons and medical professionals accountable if they fail to follow the standards of treatment, or if their negligence has led to severe injuries or death.

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Speak With a Surgical Error Lawyer Baton Rouge

When a healthcare provider or surgeon unnecessarily harms you, you are entitled to pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. Under no circumstance should you count on an insurance company to help you determine what your personal injury claim is worth. This is because their primary motivation is to protect their profits by minimizing your settlement.

Instead, work with the Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers at Murray & Murray, L.L.C., to discover what your medical malpractice claim is worth and what steps you should consider. Moreover, our legal team will build a solid personal injury case on your behalf to maximize your financial recovery. 

Schedule a free consultation with a dedicated and knowledgeable Baton Rouge medical malpractice attorney to explore your legal options. Call us at (225) 925 1110 and allow us to help you decide the best course of action for your surgical error case.