Estate Planning Attorney in Baton Rouge

In East Baton Rouge Parish, 14.2% of the population is over the age of 65. This means that there’s a high demand for estate planning in the area. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider estate planning in Baton Rouge until it’s too late.

An estate planning attorney in Baton Rouge will explain more about the planning process. Depending on your situation, they may create a will, advise you on ways to protect your estate, and explain how probate works. Murray & Murray, L.L.C. wants to handle your estate planning needs.

What You Should Know About Estate Planning Laws in Baton Rouge

In Baton Rouge, there are some very specific rules regarding estate planning. Although many estate planning laws are similar throughout the U.S., there are some state-specific laws. For instance, Louisiana does not have any inheritance or estate taxes. You still should discuss tax implications with an estate planning attorney in Baton Rouge, LA.

Louisiana also has a community property law. Because of this, all assets obtained during a marriage are joint assets. While estate planning, you need to be aware of this fact. Your living spouse has a right to all joint assets.

Anyone who wants a legitimate will in Louisiana needs to have two witnesses sign the will. At the time of the signing, there needs to be a notary present. If you don’t have your will signed and notarized, the court will not recognize it. The contents of the will must also meet certain requirements. Namely, an executor must be named in the will. 

Even if you have a will, your estate will go through probate if your property is worth more than $75,000. Estates that are under that value do not need to go through the probate process.

Dying Without a Will

If you pass away without a will or your will is deemed invalid, your estate will be passed along based on state laws. Generally, this is not ideal. To have your wishes brought to fruition, you should work with an estate attorney in Baton Rouge.

Our Estate Planning Services

Murray & Murray offers a variety of estate planning services. We can help you in all of the following ways:

Create a Will

While you can find copies of generic wills online, your estate is probably more complex than a standard will. To ensure that your estate is fully represented in your will, you need to work with an experienced attorney.

Write a Prenuptial Agreement

Although you may have dreams of your marriage lasting forever, this doesn’t always happen. In fact, about half of all marriages fail. You can protect your assets by having a strong prenuptial agreement in place. 

Handle Probate

You might have an ironclad will, but it could still go through probate. With the help of a probate attorney in Baton Rouge, the probate process is simplified and expedited. 
Our firm also can :

  • Make a Living Will
  • Grant Power of Attorney
  • Make HIPAA authorizations

Murray & Murray, L.L.C. has spent years representing those with their estate planning needs. We don’t just go through the motions; we want you to understand all of the implications of your estate planning. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call today.