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While some may deem dog bites as just a scratch, everyone should know in addition to the bite wound is the risk of bacterial infection. Complications can extend beyond the lesion, and for those that suffered a graver injury, there is financial help. When dealing with badly behaved animals and neglectful dog ownership, those inflicted by a dog bite can receive compensation for their injury. Lawyers will represent you in court and come about a fair financial resolution for all parties. 

Dog Bite

In the extreme circumstance that you were attacked by a dog and want to file a Louisiana lawyer dog bite case, qualified professionals are available for assistance. Murray & Murray LLC are well informed of Louisiana dog bite laws and can deliver quality results in settling your case.

Background Information on Dog Bite Lawsuits
About Louisiana Dog Bite Laws 

The “one-bite rule” is the prevailing law in Louisiana, and it sets apart neglectful dog owners from responsible ones. If the owner knows that their dog bites, based on the previous behavior it has displayed, then it is probable they will be successful in a personal injury case. An owner would be likely liable for a settlement amount if the bite could have been prevented, the owner could have taken steps to avoid this outcome, the victim didn’t aggravate the dog, and if the owner knew the dog is prone to biting others. This law is entirely gathered from the negligence law, where the plaintiff has to prove that the owner was negligent and could have circumvented this attack. It is the owner’s responsibility to shield others from their dog’s behavior and to warn people not to approach their dog. 

Canine-Inflicted Injuries

Even though between 80% to 90% of all animal bites come from dogs, not a lot of people realize the severity of a dog bite. They may have had several mild dog bites throughout their lifetime without accessing professional help. Some dog bite infections may result in rabies and tetanus, which require immediate medical attention. The first step is to clean out the wound and tend to the damage. Dogs have rounded teeth, so damage is mostly done to muscles, blood vessels, bones, and tissues under the skin. The best ways to avoid dog bites are to not approach unfamiliar dogs, not run from dogs, and to roll into a ball if knocked over by a dog. In comparison to adults, children are the most at risk for dog bites, which means that they should be protected around unfamiliar dogs.

Settling a Dog Bite Claim

Once settled, a plaintiff receives damages of up to $44,000 on average. Take these first steps after a dog bite incident:
1. Seek immediate medical treatment and clean the wound as soon as possible. 

2. Collect information from the dog owner, such as name, phone number, and home address. 

3. Speak to local authorities about the animal attack.

4. Document evidence for the dog bite claim with photos, notes, and comments from your doctor.

Understanding the local dog bite laws and speaking with an attorney to find out what the claim is worth will help the plaintiff and defendant be prepared for the settlement case. Be aware of what you say to the claims adjuster reviewing the evidence, as everything that is mentioned will stand out in court. There will be two aspects of a dog bite claim that will cover special and general damages. General damages are the suffering and pain endured by the plaintiff, while special damages are the medical costs, lost wages, and expenses that the victim had to bear. 

How Baton Rouge Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

Dog bit victims need to be prepared in the case of an unprovoked dog attack. When seeking advice in a dog bite case, speak with a dedicated attorney with years of experience in dog bites. Contact Murray & Murray today for a free consultation. 


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