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Car accidents are a frequent occurrence that can result in terrible wounds to the victims involved. They are often caused by distracted driving and other forms of reckless behavior that happen on the road. When you are in a horrific car accident that was not your fault, you may be owed compensation for your damages. You can speak to an auto accident attorney who can prove who is and isn’t at fault. They can represent your case and negotiate an auto accident settlement on your behalf. Call Murray Law for a free consultation. 

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

After being in a car accident, you can take several steps to help prepare for a settlement claim. Once you’ve done your part, your auto accident attorney can take over from there. 

File a Police Report

You should contact law enforcement to review what happened at the scene of the crash and report the event. Your input is valuable and will help give the police officers an idea of what occurred. Later on, your car accident lawyer can use the police report as supportive evidence

Collect Contact Information

Whoever was in the crash should give you their personal information, such as their name, phone number, and insurance policy number, so that you can contact them later regarding your settlement. You can also take pictures of their license plate to use as an ID if they are unwilling to provide contact information. It is also a great idea to get contact information from witnesses. Your attorney can contact them later on to provide additional evidence. 

Take Pictures of the Accident

You should take pictures of your car, the other involved cars, and the scene of the car accident. The dents on the car, debris, tire marks, road obstacles, and other details can help explain how the car crash occurred. Photos are a form of physical evidence that can help prove your case. 

Seek Medical Treatment

After the accident, it is time to see a doctor. You can get medical help so that you can find out what kind of injuries you received. Your doctor can perform imaging scans to reveal fractures, hidden soft tissue injuries and identify if anything severe such as spinal cord injury has occurred. The knowledge of these injuries will help your lawyer estimate how high your settlement should be. 

Inform Your Insurance Company

You will want your insurance company to know all the details of the car accident and how it occurred. If you are not at fault, make sure that you don’t admit to any fault or guilt of any kind. Make it clear that the other party was at fault. 

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can work with a car accident lawyer to help calculate the amount you are due. They will review your case, investigate your car accident, and begin collecting evidence to prove you are not at fault. 

What Do I Do If Someone Died In An Accident?

When a car accident is fatal, it is treated differently from car accidents where the car passengers survive. Instead, as a surviving family member, you would receive wrongful death damages. If the other party was doing something illegal that caused the death of a loved one, this may require the criminal punishment of their activities and can be treated differently from a settlement claim. For example, if someone was driving drunk and ran into you, law enforcement may get involved. You would receive a settlement in addition to there being penalties and fees placed on the other driver. 

How Can My Attorney Prove I’m Not At Fault?

Your attorney can use a variety of proven methods to prove you are not at fault. 

Traffic Camera Footage

If the car accident happened near a traffic camera, it will be possible for your car accident lawyer to pull up the footage. They can review it to see if the other driver pulled illegal maneuvers. Your lawyer may look for improper lane changes, speeding, not yielding correctly, and other broken laws. The video can then be used to prove your case to the other party.

Drug Tests

The police might administer a breathalyzer or other drug test if they notice that the other party is intoxicated. Your attorney can later obtain this drug test to show whether the other driver was under the influence while operating their vehicle. 

Driving History

Sometimes, the other driver may have a bad history of getting into car accidents or breaking traffic laws. Poor driving history may indicate the other party is at fault and can also be used to back up your case. 


Attorneys can contact witnesses and have them provide a written statement on your behalf. This can help provide additional evidence to show who was at fault for the accident. This is especially helpful when the witnesses’ description of your accident matches up with your story. 

Car Black Box Data

Newer cars often have black boxes that collect electronic data on how the car was performing. They can record the car’s speed before the crash and when the car stopped. Attorneys can request this information to help them understand how the car was functioning at the time of the crash. 


Your car accident lawyer can demand a subpoena of the other driver’s cellphone usage history. This way, they can prove if the other driver was texting or making phone calls right before the accident. In Louisiana, drivers are not allowed to hold the phone to talk or look at the screen while driving. 

What Kind of Damages Can I Claim in a Car Accident?

Car accident damages can be costly for victims of car crashes. Attorneys can help you obtain economic, non-economic, and in rare circumstances, punitive damages.


You can receive economic damages due to your wage loss, medical bills, and property damage. Your wage loss will include any income that you could not receive because you missed time off from work due to your car crash wounds. This will also include future income loss if you plan to take weeks or months to recover from your injuries. Medical bills can accrue over time if you need repeat treatments. Your injuries may require you to get physical therapy, surgery, or other frequent healthcare. You can also include this in your settlement. After your accident, your insurance may not cover all of your property damage. This means you can also seek this amount from the other party. Economic damages for a wrongful death case would also include burial and funeral costs as well. 


Non-economic damages mainly include pain and suffering. This depends on the amount of emotional suffering you experienced, such as guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Your attorney will use a multiplier based upon how bad your injuries were and your pain and suffering before coming up with a total settlement amount. If there was a wrongful death, this might include loss of consortium and other non-economic damages that the surviving family members may experience. 

Punitive Damages

Though unlikely, it is possible to file for punitive damages if you believe the other party was grossly negligent. For example, they may have participated in road rage, had intentionally driven recklessly on the road to harm you, and other reasons. Your attorney would have to prove that the other party was grossly negligent or malicious towards you. 

What Do I Do To Get Started With a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you believe you’ve collected enough evidence after your car wreckage, then it is time to reach out to a competent lawyer with years of experience. They can provide you with direct guidance and help you get started on your case. Lawyers will review how your car accident happened and help reveal whether you are or aren’t at fault. They’ll investigate your car crash and find evidence to support your claim. You can call Murray Law today for a free consultation.