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Filing for bankruptcy is oftentimes a stressful and challenging process. Many people who file for bankruptcy are doing so for the first time. In fact, it is estimated that only 8 percent of those who file for bankruptcy have filed at least once before. For the majority of our clients, bankruptcy is foreign and uncharted territory. Our law firm is dedicated to providing individualized and catered legal advice for each client. The knowledgeable legal team of attorneys at Murray & Murray, LLC is here to help you navigate the complex bankruptcy process. 

Bankruptcy law is a multifaceted area of law. It combines federal issues with relevant Louisiana state policies and regulations. Additionally, there are multiple bankruptcy chapters, and bankruptcy cases are unique. For example, it may be advantageous for a large business to file for Chapter 11, but Chapter 13 may be more optimal for a small business.

Our legal team at Murray & Murray, LLC is well-versed in a wide variety of practice areas, including bankruptcy law. The Louisiana-based bankruptcy attorneys at Murray & Murray, LLC have provided representation in countless bankruptcy cases. We can work with you or your business to help you regain control over your finances. Our team is committed to providing our clients with competent representation fueled with compassion and respect. No matter how hopeless you may feel about your current financial situation, Murray & Murray, LLC Louisiana is here to help you.

How Filing for Bankruptcy in Louisiana can Help You

Bankruptcy is frequently surrounded by negative misconceptions, making the helpful tool feel intimidating. While these myths may dissuade some individuals from filing, the truth is, filing for bankruptcy can be a powerful tool that offers petitioners numerous benefits, from exclusive protections to a much-needed break from overwhelming debt. By filing for bankruptcy in Louisiana, petitioners can claim these benefits and protections. 

Eliminate Your Current Debts

Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the liquidation of a petitioner’s assets. In return, the petitioner’s unsecured debts are discharged. Discharge releases individuals from their personal liability. In a Chapter 11 case filed by an individual, not a business, discharge is granted after the repayment plan is completed. Chapter 13 may be the best option for a small business and a means of saving the business. Like Chapter 11, after the repayment plan is completed, a business is discharged from its debts. To learn what bankruptcy chapter is best for you or your business, consult with an experienced attorney from our New Roads, Louisiana office. 

Protect Yourself From Collectors

Once you file for bankruptcy, the court will place an automatic stay on your current debts. An automatic stay prohibits the majority of creditors from pursuing you. All bankruptcy chapters have an automatic stay that stops the collections process, giving you, your creditors, and the court an opportunity to address your finances. 

A Fresh Start at Repairing Your Credit

While a bankruptcy mark can impact your credit for a set period of time, records of your bankruptcy will not permanently stay on your credit reports. A bankruptcy mark is automatically deleted from your credit report after the set timeframe has passed. During that time, you have been granted a fresh financial start and an opportunity to rebuild your credit. You can begin to repair your credit by making timely and manageable bill and credit payments.

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