Baton Rouge Improper Cargo Load Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a commercial truck accident, it is essential to understand that such accidents are more complicated than passenger car accidents. If cargo is improperly loaded onto a commercial truck, it can result in severe accidents. This is because it can cause cargo to shift. Moreover, this sudden shifting can cause the driver to lose control, increasing the possibility of a multi-car accident. 

If you have been hurt in a cargo-related truck accident, you need a compassionate and dedicated Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer. At Murray & Murray, L.L.C., we understand your concern of securing fair compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. For legal assistance with your improper loading accident case, contact a truck accident attorney with the Murray & Murray, L.L.C. law firm. 

Overloaded Commercial Truck Accidents in Baton Rouge

It is common for drivers who pass a heavily loaded truck to feel nervous. Unfortunately, people are injured daily by commercial trucks rolling over or losing control due to oversized or improperly loaded cargo. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces laws for the United States’ trucking industry regarding service hours, load requirements, and vehicle measurements, many truckers fail to follow the rules.

Improper truck loading is detrimental to other drivers’ and truck drivers’ safety. In an open bed, improper loading can lead to loose tie-downs. This results in items and other materials falling off the trucks and onto the roadways. This practice also leads to dangerous explosions or fires if items are combustible. In closed truck beds, improper weight distribution can cause the commercial truck to roll over when performing sharp turns.

It takes a team of truck drivers and cargo loaders to safely transport goods from one destination to another. If a single thing goes wrong, a lost-load truck accident can occur on the road and injure or kill other drivers. In most cases, the company that loaded the commercial truck can be at fault, together with the trucking company or truck driver.

Allow the truck accident attorneys at Murray & Murray, L.L.C. to represent you or your loved ones who have been severely injured in improper loading truck accidents. Our law firm wants to help you put this tragic accident behind and return to normal life.

How To Load Trailers Properly

As cargo is loaded into a trailer, it must be appropriately organized to ensure it will not shift suddenly if the driver makes a sharp turn or steps on the brakes. According to the FMCSA, the cargo must have structural integrity to withstand the process of being loaded. Additionally, guidelines specify the securing devices that must be used for truck loading. This includes devices such as ropes, bindings, clamps, chains, steel strapping, and grab hooks.

Failure to use these securing devices and follow these guidelines can be a sign of negligence for those loading the truck. The responsible parties could include the trucking company for failing to properly train the cargo loaders, the loaders for recklessly securing the cargo, or the manufacturers for producing devices with dangerous defects.

At Murray & Murray, L.L.C., our personal injury attorneys will examine your truck accident to determine who is at fault, and pursue the compensation you lawfully deserve. We see improper loading as a common form of negligence. Due to their weight and excessive size, trucks can pose considerable threats to other car drivers. Regardless of who is liable for your accident, we will fight to get you fair compensation. 

How to Gather Evidence from a Cargo-Related Truck Accident

After a commercial truck crash, the police must investigate how the accident occured. Police will focus on how the truck driver has behaved on the road. Usually, the report will not focus on the truck’s condition, cargo, or trailer. That is why we are here for you! Our Baton Rouge accident lawyers will run an investigation into what happened and gather evidence the police report could have missed. 

Some of the vital information our team will try to gather:

  • Computer data: we will collect data from the truck’s onboard computer or any computer data regarding the type of cargo and how it was loaded.
  • Video: if possible, we will study video from the cargo loading location and video from the accident.
  • Inspections: we will run an investigation on any inspections the commercial truck underwent, cargo securement systems, or if the truck and trailer have exceeded the legal weight load. 
  • Driver logs: our personal injury lawyers will study if the driver followed FMCSA rules.
  • If the improper cardo loading has contributed to or caused the accident, you may have legal grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit as a victim.

Filing a Truck Accident Claim

If an improper cargo-loaded truck hit you and caused your injuries, you are entitled to file a truck accident claim and pursue fair settlement. However, under Louisiana Civil Code (CC) §3492, you have only one year to file your claim. For this reason, it is essential to immediately begin working with a personal injury lawyer.

If you are involved in a truck accident, call your insurance company to create a personal injury claim. Do not admit fault for the improper cargo load accident. Discuss only the basic facts of the accident when answering the insurers. You will soon receive a phone call from the trucking company’s insurance company, trying to convince you to settle your claim for as little as possible. Do not settle for compensation without talking with dedicated truck accident attorneys in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Contact a Baton Rouge Improper Cargo Load Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an improperly loaded cargo accident, do not settle for less than your truck case is worth. Here at Murray & Murray, L.L.C., our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys will help you receive the compensation you deserve following a truck collision. Our law team understands t it may be a challenging period of your life. That is why our truck accident lawyers look forward to guiding you through every step of your personal injury case.

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